How We Work

Our personal approach to estate planning is designed to ensure that your wishes are clearly communicated and will be understood by those closest to you.

We take our time to get it right, and the entire process typically concludes in about 6 week’s time, at which point your estate plan is fully functional and funded.


Initial Estate Planning Consultation / Fee Estimate

In the initial meeting an attorney will meet with you to discuss your wishes.

Together, you and your attorney explore designations of successor trustees, executors, guardians for minor children, agents for power of attorney for asset management, and agents for healthcare. You will also discuss other important decisions such as the distribution of assets, ages for beneficiaries to inherit, and estate tax planning needs.

Weeks 1 to 3 – Document Drafting & Client Review

Your estate planning documents are drafted and delivered to you within approximately three weeks of the initial estate planning meeting for your review.

Week 4 – Document Signing Meeting

Weeks 5 to 6 – Funding / Asset Transfers

Funding is the process of transferring title to your assets into the name of your Living Trust. We will help you transfer title to all of your assets. This is a necessary step for avoiding probate and making your estate planning documents effective.

Week 6 – Delivery of Permanent Documents

After the signing meeting, your signed estate planning documents will be packaged and copied and will be available for you to pick them up.

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